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Client Feature: Installing Two HVAC Systems for Ms. Gonzalez

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, Ms. Gonzalez. Here is her story of working with Snyder Solutions.

CLIENT PROBLEM: Our client, Ms. Gonzalez, had severe water damage throughout the house and was forced into a massive renovation. The home was completly gutted down to bare bones and built back up. The homeowner called us in to install a completely new central air/HVAC system and all new duct work. They expressed concerns about only having a single system service an entire 2 story home. Snyder Solutions came up with an option for 2 systems, one to serve each of the floors.

OUR SOLUTION: During this process, the homeowner decided that they would like to put the new unit in the crawlspace to be able to convert the closet it previously was in into a bathroom. This was a great value add for their home, so we went to work on a solution to help make this happen. Since the crawl space turned out to be too small to support that option, Snyder Solutions was able to offer an alternative solution and installed the unit in a different closet so the client could still have an additional bathroom added to the home.

OUR VALUE: We pride ourselves on having an ongoing working relationship with our clients so the homeowners are able to have their projects completed to fit all their needs.


"Snyder Solutions just completed an HVAC installation in our home and we were super impressed to say the least. Their professionalism and attention to detail were second to none! From our walk through with Ryan and Andy to completion we knew we were in good hands. Shane, our technician, was a class act, keeping me abreast of every detail via text every step of the way. They were punctual, organized and cleaned as they went, which we appreciated. It’s so difficult to find a contractor that can be trusted and we feel like we struck gold with Snyder. We will definitely be recommending to our friends and family!"


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