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HVAC Important Tips

The majority of HVAC companies market and sell their services to the uniformed home owners. These companies are constantly taking advantage of people due to the fact most people do not fully understand how their homes heat and cool themselves.  They are trying to get you to buy service contract agreements, tune ups or sell you a high efficiency system.  Unfortunately, you're paying for services you do not need and in most cases the cost difference in the higher efficient system will not pay for itself in the life time of the unit. Below I have broken down a few points to help you have a better understanding of how these companies are taking advantage of people.

  1. Services Contract Agreements – Most HVAC contractors offer this service.  Standard rate is $89.00 to $200.00 per system in your home.  This comes with two yearly inspections and sometimes 5% to 10% off any work or replacement done to your system.  The bi yearly inspections are normally done in the Spring and Fall right before the hot and cold seasons to ensure your system will not break down when you need it the most.  It all sounds good but it's the biggest scam in our industry, next to tune ups.

    • a. Two things must be done to maintain your heat pump, furnaces and straight ac system. 1) Change your filter every 30 to 45 days. 2) Once a year poor a little bleach down the condensation trap to avoid mold and mildew build up.  That's it!  No HVAC tech can predict when a part will go bad or when your unit will need to be replaced.  The time you want to call an HVAC company is when your unit does not seem to be working correctly.  The reason they come out in the Spring and Summer is because it's the slow season.  They want to find things to keep their employees busy by sending them to service service contracts customer homes.

  2. Tune ups – If you live in Virginia you would be better off spending your money on volcano insurance than buying a HVAC tune up.  The reason being is there is nothing to tune up on a heat pump, furnace or straight ac system.  Either your system is not working due to any numerous reasons or it is working.

  3. Energy efficient systems (SEER rating) – Heating and cooling equipment can only be as efficient as the place it's conditioning.  Before upgrading your system above a 14 SEER variable speed unit.  Below are factors that are more important to increasing the efficiecy of your heating and cooling system than the actual equipment.

    • a. Is the ductwork size correctly?  Are the joints connections sealed properly? Is the ductwork wrapped tight with the right insulation?
    • b. How well is the house insulated?  What type of windows and exterior doors are on your home?
    • c. What type of condition is the crawlspace and attic in?  Are they sealed tightly and well insulated?

At Snyder Solutions our customers are our family.  We will never recommend products or services that are not in the best interest of them. Our promise is to always do things at 100%.  From the quality of the installation to the economic value the system provides your home.  We can repair and install any system or brand in the market today that heats, cools and ventilates homes.  Please contact us with any questions or issues you may be having with your current or future system.

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