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Residential Services

At Snyder Solutions we look out for our clients financial comfort. With our team of experts, we have the ability to work on any type of heating and cooling, plumbing, and gas system. Due to our great team, there will be no need for us to sign you up on any maintenance contracts or tune ups after we install your system. 

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Preventive Maintenance Program

Snyder Solutions offers a Preventative Maintenance Program designed to give clients the peace of mind that their system is maintained to the highest quality possible. The program includes (2) visits per year. One in the spring prior to the cooling season and one in the fall. These visits are designed to clean the system for optimal performance during the summer and winter seasons. In addition, the technician attempts to identify potential issues that could cause failures in the near future. Participating in the Preventative Maintenance Program can help you avoid urgent and more costly repairs as well as save you time, money and extend the life of your system. Use our contact links or call today to schedule your initial service.



Snyder Solutions services all brands of mechanical systems and water heaters in the residential market. Our team of skilled technicians will diagnosis and repair your equipment in a timely manner, keeping you comfortable year-round. Transparency is important to us at Snyder Solutions which is why our trained staff will answer all questions and walk you through every step of your repair. We pride ourselves on performing quality work and exceeding your expectations. To schedule a service call for your home call 804-687-5279 or click our contact link options below.

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Equipment Replacement

Snyder Solutions can replace any brand or type of existing equipment in the residential applications. Our team is experienced and certified to install a wide range of equipment in various homes. We can assess, make recommendations, and design solutions based on your projects’ needs. We pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and appropriate systems for your home. Our recommendations are based solely on your needs, and we give you a range of options so you can make the most informed decisions. Equipment replacements can be large projects, so we also offer financing to our qualifying clients with approved credit to support you financially through the process. For more information or to schedule an estimate call 804-687-5279 or click our contact link below.

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New Installation

Building a brand-new home or making an addition to your existing home? We can help you select and install the right system for your property. When choosing or adding a HVAC system or water heater to your home it is crucial that you know your options and how they differ. We can present you with a variety of options and have experience in engineering and designing a plan for your project. No matter the size, scope, or complexity, Snyder Solutions can assist in helping you find what type of system will work best for you. To schedule a free estimate call 804-687-5279 or click the contact link below.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality or “IAQ” is known to affect the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants. Whether allergies or household sickness, IAQ devices can help to minimize the effects of those air born pollutants in your home. IAQ devices are also important in managing and maintaining desired humidity levels. There are a variety of systems and accessories to help create a fresher and safer environment for you, and our experienced technicians can walk you through each type and explain the benefits.  Snyder Solutions’ skilled technicians can set up, install, and educate you on the use of your new IAQ device. To learn more or schedule a free evaluation call 804-687-5279 or click our contact link below.

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Smart Technology

Smart technology for your home can increase your control over your energy use and give you unprecedented access to information about your property. Homeowners now have a wider variety of brands and devices to choose from. You now can have the ability to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors whether at home or remotely. With rapid changes in smart technologies, you need a team that is just as fast at adapting to our ever-changing world. Snyder Solutions can help you choose the right smart tech for your home providing increased comfort when home and peace of mind when you are away.

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Going Green

There is a wide range of ways to increase the eco-friendliness of your home and many options come with benefits to you. Adding equipment, devices and accessories that are green can increase the value of your home, your savings on energy bills, and increase air quality in addition to helping protect our environment. Snyder Solutions takes pride in keeping our staff up to date with the newest innovations in our field, not only positively impacting our environment but saving our clients’ money.



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